Adapted by Andria Anderson from Brittany Watkins’

Break Free Forever from Emotional Eating program



I acknowledge all my resistances,

Conscious and Unconscious

That fear for me to make changes.


I acknowledge all those resistances,

Conscious and Unconscious,

That just want to protect and keep me safe.


I acknowledge all my resistances

That panic at what I now want

to allow to manifest in my day.


I recognize my negative thoughts,

Negative patterns, negative beliefs, negative memories,

And let them be.


At the same time,

I contemplate what it is

To live my highest purpose,

For my highest good.


All my blocks, conscious and unconscious,

All my negative thoughts, negative patterns,

Negative beliefs and memories,

I honor them for serving me in the past

And I thank them and let them rest.


I release them from burdensome duties.

I no longer require them to work overtime.

I now step into my rightful place of leadership.

I now choose for my highest good

And I choose with both power and love.


Today I choose

to allow everything to flow

 Seamlessly and effortlessly

Beyond my wildest expectations.


I honor myself at how easily

I integrate the changes I am making.

I honor myself for stepping into new territory.

Today is a wonderful day

And I choose to make it so. 

Take a nice deep breath and relax.

 Now think about your day and all the times

you’ll be eating throughout the day.

Continue tapping through the points and say:

I love myself,

Therefore I eat slowly.

I love myself,

Therefore I eat consciously.

I love myself,

Therefore I only eat foods that nourish my body.


I love myself,

Therefore I allow myself to experience

Pleasure and fun today.


Today is going to be an extraordinary day.

I can’t wait!