Why don’t more people know about this?
About the possibilities to live a life of DELIGHT?

Let me give you an example.
Think about getting up this morning. Was it a DELIGHT?
Did your eyes spring open with enthusiasm for the day ahead?
Not so much?
What if – – – it COULD be a delight?

Think about a task you have to do today that you just don’t LIKE.
Now what if, instead of dreading it, avoiding it, finally slogging through it and feeling drained – – it was – – OK. It was even kinda fun to do.

And when it was done – you feel – DELIGHTED.

The formal name for what I do is called Energy Techniques.
Yeah, I know – like who would ever figure THAT out?
The Energy part comes from Eastern Chinese Medicine techniques.
It uses acupressure points on your meridians – the energy circuits in your body. It’s like electricity that circulates through you and keeps you alive.

Now the opposite of alive is dead. Think of a dead body – it has all the parts – heart, blood, lungs – but they aren’t WORKING. The spark that keeps the systems going just isn’t there. That’s your Energy Flow.

The Techniques part is from Western Psychological Techniques.
Hunting down where you learned, “Math is Dreadful.”
Or who convinced you, “You’ll never amount to much.”
What beliefs block you from wild success in your career?

Put both parts together and the power to recover from emotional upsets and traumas is tremendous. Just check the stories from my clients to read what I mean.

This analogy may help you envision the possibilities.

Imagine a grimy stove you’ve been using for years but never learned how to clean. It is definitely NOT a delight to cook on. Matter of fact, the caked-on crud prevents you from preparing new recipes.

To start the clean up, first you take a sponge to it. Off come the soft layers on top – the liquids, the grease.
Then you get down to scrubbing – layers of goo and grime – gone.
Finally, out come the Brillo Pads and the hard, baked-on layers become things of the past.

Your eventual result? A sparkling stove that is a cook’s DELIGHT!

Energy Techniques work in much the same way. First, we decide what memories, emotions, or beliefs keep you stuck in old habits. Some remove easily and others take more persistence.

But with each area that is cleared, you get to choose a replacement – a new freedom, a new peace, and new sense of delight. Before very long, there’s more delight in your life than crud. Welcome to a DELIGHTFUL life.