Peculiar thing happened this morning.

A friend at church said, “Good morning. I see you’re wearing your red.”

I quickly glanced down and confirmed that I was indeed wearing a red blouse. Then I looked around and noticed all the choir members had red clothing.

I started eavesdropping on the conversations around me. Turned out that Pentecost, today’s celebration, featured the color red. An e-newsletter had circulated earlier in the week. One item encouraged everyone to wear red.

I was surprised that I had worn the “right” color even though I hadn’t read the newsletter. At first, I just felt lucky that I fit in OK.

Then I thought back to my morning.

I had gone to my closet that morning thinking about a blue and green blouse to wear with shorts. The temperature had climbed to 80 and I didn’t want anything too hot.

But as I flipped through my clothes, the red blouse with the pink flowered skirt caught my eye. The skirt has no pockets, so I don’t wear it often. It’s slightly dressy and I rarely wear dressy things. Why waste the effort? They don’t show under the choir robes anyway.

But I was drawn to the red blouse and flowered skirt anyway and I put them on. It’s a pretty outfit and my husband commented on how nice I looked. But I was dropping him off at the airport soon, so it’s not like I could bargain the good looks into going out for a nice lunch after church. Again, no perks for choosing a skirt today.

But had I followed an intuition? Me? Had I had an intuition? AND followed it?

I’ve been jealous of people who have functioning intuition. I looked on them with envy as they pulled useful information from some unseen frequency, a frequency to which I’ve seemed deaf.

But I’ve gamely done these “openness” exercises, these intuition-building podcasts, these woo-woo energy seminars – for a long time. Might these be paying off?

Choosing a red blouse this morning took no effort or particular thoughts. So I don’t think I could turn this intuition on or off. But maybe I’m becoming more sensitive to – um – the something out there that broadcasts needed information for the taking?

I’d like that 😊


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