My first reaction to posting on the TUT blog.

My heart jumped for joy at the thought. Yes! Write about this fascinating journey through the internal hinterlands. Chronicle the twists, turns and tumbles of traveling my inner landscape.

I’ve had this on-going interest in self-actualization stuff for over ten years now. Oh, gads, I just did the math. Over 15 years now. So you, too, might be wondering how this inner journey works, for a real person, in real time. I could write about that.

I could write about that – until I THOUGHT about it.

Who am I to think other people would be interested in reading such a journal? It’s not like I’d be any kind of guide. I’m stumbling along, tripping over my own feet as often as I do over new concepts.

And people might get to KNOW me. I mean, the real me, the one I carefully keep under shrouds of silence. Even I, myself, don’t come across her often.

Why risk it? I could post on my own personal blog. That would be buried in a Google search. No one would find it. But on the TUT site? That’s got a world-wide following. People could actually discover me.

Here it comes. That part of me which increases its volume the more I consider this. “Nobody knows you. This is good. This is right. This is safe. LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY!”

Breathe. They all say it, “Breathe.” They mean to breathe deeply, slowly, completely. OK, maybe I can breathe half-deeply right now. Which is an improvement over the short, shallow breaths two paragraphs ago.

There’s no way to tell at this point if you, the reader, will be interested in reading this. But here’s my motto for the blog  – HONESTY. Not platitudes, not sugar-coating, not edited to fit a preconceived point. If it actually happens, it gets written. It might be weird, it might be woo-woo to the max, but it will be what actually occurs.

But if it DOESN’T happen, that gets written, too.

Because, if I’m honest, sometimes this happens: I do an exercise and I get – nothing. Or I get some response that is nothing like uplifting. Or I get so nothing-filled that all I want is, oh dear, chocolate. path alessio-lin-275489

If that’s what happens, that’s what you’ll read. Highway or cow path, rock-climbing or vista-soaring, where the journey takes us is what will be here.

Hang on.

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