I keep tapping Brittany Watkin’s Morning Meditation each morning (imagine that 🙂 ). Some phrases have been irritating and causing resistances to arise.

 This has been exacerbated by the conscious eating exercise – out of 6-7 steps, I’m accomplishing like 2. However, last night I got to TALK about some of it with my new Tapping Buddy Sheri. Whew! What a relief to express some of it out LOUD.

 This morning during TAT, it dawned on me that while I’m “releasing resistances”, these resistances have been my PROTECTIONS! And I would be left too vulnerable to release “all my protections” (replacing “all my resistances”.)

 Then, in response to all those inputs, during the Morning Meditation, this scene played in my head:

I’m tapping on releasing the PROTECTIONS that no longer serve my highest good and purpose. “I HONOR them” is in the meditation. I feel the physical urge to SALUTE – and I do (with THREE fingers, corner of eyebrow 🙂 )

 In my mind’s eye, several dancers* are in street clothes. They each carry a suitcase (small, dark, rigid sides, old-fashioned Samsonite kind, silver clip-closures). The Chorus Line assembles (darker-blue shiny outfits with silver trim today) in one long line across the stage. The street-clothes “girls” are scattered in front of the line, facing the line. “I” step up and, in a short speech, thank them for their exemplary service. I compliment them on how well they’ve served and state that I’m sure they’ll serve another woman equally well in their new futures. I wish them the best of luck and tell them that everyone here will remember them with fondness, respect and love.

“I” step to each PROTECTION girl and give her a handshake and hug. Then I step back near the line. Together, all in unison, we snap to attention and hold a long salute to these valiant, long-serving members of our dancer line. Then we snap our arms down (I physically do this, too) and the PROTECTION girls pick up their suitcases and walk out in groups of two or three.

 The Morning Meditation continues with “I LOVE myself therefore I eat slowly.” In my scene, one tall, straight authoritative dancer steps in front of the line. Dark, medium-length hair. She’s also in today’s blue dancer outfit, silver trim. She is now the Director of Slowly.

“I LOVE myself therefore I eat CONSCIOUSLY.” Another dancer, shorter, straight blond hair, steps before the line, again in today’s blue dance outfit. She also carries herself with authority. Our new Director of Consciously.

“I LOVE myself therefore I eat only foods that NOURISH my body.” Surprising me, an older woman, a bit on the fleshy side, steps in front. Instead of Gestapo-looking, she radiates love and care and goodness. She’s the first new director to smile at us all. Our new Director of Nourishment.

I feel happy. We all like our new directing crew. They’ll help us dance well 🙂

* For an introduction to my Chorus Line, read this initial Insight Entry.  Four S’s and a Chorus Line