I’ve stumbled into watching a video series with Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. Louise starts the segment with an exercise in loving your body.

1) Place one hand over belly button

2) Place other heart over heart

3) Close eyes

4) Breathe deeply

5) Say, “I love you. You’re safe. You’re loved. I’m here. Everything is fine.”

Of course, I’ve done similar exercises before, but this one struck me as “right on” today.

Because I just spent Memorial Day weekend holding my 10-month-old grandson Logan for hours while he slept, I really KNEW that feeling of one hand under his butt, one hand on his back.

During this exercise today, I could FEEL “my baby self” against my chest. She really is the scared one. Just like Logan, she doesn’t understand what’s going on around her – Why does Mom leave? Why is that noise so loud? Why am I so hot?

And what do I do for him? “It’s OK, baby. I’m here. Mom is coming right back. Mommy loves you. I love you. It’s OK. You’re safe. I’ve got you. You’re OK.”

I really LIKE this pose. In the past, the poses haven’t done much for me. But this one, this one I can resonate with. 😊   I can feel “her” calming down. “It’s OK, it’s OK. You’re safe. I’m here. You’re OK. I love you.”

Something about the, “I’m here.” Something special about that.

Who is this “I”?

This “I”” can give love. This “I” is not exactly the body, though residing in the body. This “I” is older, knows more, has lots of love to give. This “I” is sure that things ARE OK, that the body is fine, the “the baby” is loved even if she doesn’t understand what’s going on. This “I” feels calm and can give calm. And comfort.

The baby likes this “I”.

“It’s OK. I’m here. It’s OK. I’m here.” That feels just right – and just great 😊

You know – I bet Jesus was trying to get that across, too. “It’s OK. I’m here.” 😊

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