Four S’s and a Chorus Line

I had just finished my first exercise routine called SPRINT 8. While I stretched afterwards, I tapped. These words came to mind as I “felt” how to step into my new strong body.





I was talking to my body, telling it I was very grateful for the way it had protected me all these years. It had done just what I asked of it, no complaints, just service. I felt humbled that it would serve me so completely.

So I told my body that I was ready to be STRONG now. I quickly consulted the “rest of us” in my body (organs and who knows what all) and said, “We’re ALL ready now.”

An image in my mind appeared – all these strong Andria’s in a “chorus line”, arms linked one with another, marching happily into who knows what, all smiling and laughing, and STRONG, SURE, SMOOTH, SLENDER. So strong that they don’t have to yank and jerk to move something, but can move surely, smoothly, STRONGLY. No need for layers of insulation of protection, for all of us are STRONG and our strength is SURE. These women can lift large items with ease and surety, no sweat!

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