I just finished reading (well, ok, scanning) a series of web articles about emotional eating.

Emotional Eating: The Secret To Staying Slim


The articles start out with some information that has proven helpful with many people. So far so good.

Then came the line – It’s fine to eat for emotional reasons. Just don’t fall into the habit of OVER-eating.

Well, DUH! The definition of emotional eating is eating when you’re not hungry (for EMOTIONAL reasons, not for sustenance). Then you add in that you’re eating to get EMOTIONAL support (comfort, soothing, reward) and food can’t actually give that. So you have to eat a LOT before giving up the hope of getting what you really need.

Of course, one would have to OVER-eat! How many people could just eat a little for emotions that need major soothing?

Besides the will power to not over-eat, the article offered no other helps. Well, let’s say it here and now – EFT tapping can not only remove the cravings, the binges, the drive to over-eat, it also releases the emotions that drive those behaviors. Not only the symptom of over-eating is eased, but the causes hidden underneath are given the attention they’ve always needed. Then and only then will they quit forcing you to compensate with food.

So when you’re tired of the cravings being in charge, call me. Let’s do some relief that is easy, complete and lasts.