Remove it and get what you always wanted

By Andria Anderson
Community contributor

So you have that project you’ve been meaning to get to. The one you’d really like to do.  Take that course in oil painting. Clean out the hall closet. Begin working out at the gym. Write that resume.

So what’s blocking you?

Sure, everyone has to juggle responsibilities. But you know you could find the time if only – if only what?

Enter EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT combines tapping on acupressure points with affirmation phrases for a resolution to long-standing problems. Tapping on the acupressure points of the body soothes the nervous system. Saying the affirmations soothes the emotional intensity. Finally, psychological hang-ups that have limited you for years dissolve.

Let’s take Emily who wants that oil painting class. It’s a beginners class, there are no great expectations on her, it would be a relaxing leisure activity. Yet no matter how longingly she looks at the course catalog, she never actually registers. But this time she’s going to Tap on the issue.

Step One
First, she identifies the emotion. Reluctance – she’s reluctant to register. Well, yes, but behind that reluctance, she’s scared. What does a 43-year-old have to be scared of at a community college?

 That doesn’t matter. She can Tap on the fear without weeks of therapy to figure it out.  She begins to Tap on the Karate Chop point on the side of her hand (see illustration). At the same time, she says her Set-Up Statement aloud, “Even though I’m scared to register for this painting class, I deeply and completely accept myself.” She repeats that three times.

 Step Two
Now she taps 5-7 times on each of the other acupressure points, beginning with her eyebrows and working her way down, and ends with the top of her head. She repeats a Reminder Phrase as she Taps each point, “This fear.”

After she has Tapped each point, a memory comes to mind. She was in second grade, she had just colored an autumn tree that she was very pleased with. It used lots of colors and she smiled over it. But the teacher came up behind her and said, “Emily, you can’t use blue and purple on a tree. Trees only have red, yellow and orange. We just studied that!”

Grown-up Emily gets tears in her eyes just thinking about it. She changes her Set-Up Statement to, “Even though Mrs. Wilson crushed me with that tree, I deeply and completely accept myself now anyway.”  She repeats that three times.

She continues Tapping 5-7 times on each point, saying, “Crushed. Absolutely crushed.” At the end of that round of Tapping, she still feels sad, so she does a second, and maybe a third, round of Tapping each of the points.

After just a few minutes, she notices that she can remember the incident with the colorful tree but it no longer upsets her. Actually, she chuckles a bit to think how outraged Mrs. Wilson was over a simple drawing. 

Emily also notices something else. Without even thinking about it, she finds herself on the phone registering for the painting class. She hangs up the phone and marvels at her sudden sense of freedom. Freedom to do what she has wanted for so many years.

EFT Tapping is simple, and effective, like that. It’s simple enough to do for yourself. You can apply it to any negative emotion – stress, sadness, fear, anger – in any situation – as you drive, a meeting at work, a test at school.

And if an issue doesn’t resolve working on it by yourself, you can consult a trained EFT practitioner. With a discerning ear to listen to you, you can clear more complicated issues. No longer do you have to live with that “something” blocking you from doing what you really want.

Andria Anderson is a certified EFT Practitioner. Visit her website Steps2Delight.com or call her at 773-685-2941.